Me with 3mo Yuuki

I'm a postdoctoral reseacher working on Artificial Intelligence applied to ecology at the Poisot lab (University of Montreal). My Ph.D. focused on the automatic revision of ecological theories, which, in practice, means I spent a lot of time at the intersection of classical logic, many-valued (fuzzy) logics, and probability theory. I'm particularly interested in how these techniques can bring safer, more transparent intelligent systems. I currently focus on learning mathematical formulas from data, type theory, and higher-order probability theory.

I did my Ph.D. at the Canada Research Chair on Integrative ecology (Université de Sherbrooke). My work was supported by an Alexander Graham Bell Graduate Scholarship from the NSERC, a generous Azure for Research Award from Microsoft Research, and a hardware donation from NVIDIA. You can get my short CV here.

My work relies on many high-quality open-source projects, including Linux, Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora, LLVM/clang, gcc, Glasgow Haskell Compiler, Rust, cmake, Eigen, gnome, git, Vim, Geany, Visual Code, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, ScyllaDB.

let world = "世界" in print $ "Hello " ++ world ++ "!"