Me with 3mo Yuuki

I'm a computational scientist working in Artificial Intelligence. My Ph.D. focused on the automatic revision of ecological theories, which, in practice, means I spent a lot of time at the intersection of classical logic, many-valued (fuzzy) logics, and probability theory. I'm particularly interested in how these techniques can bring safer, more transparent intelligent systems. I currently focus on learning mathematical formulas from data, type theory, and higher-order probability theory.

I did my Ph.D. at the Canada Research Chair on Integrative ecology (Université de Sherbrooke), Timothée Poisot's lab (Université of Montréal), and the Quebec Center for Biodiversity Science (McGill U.). My Ph.D. committee also had Alireza Tamaddoni Nezhad and Shengrui Wang. My work was supported by an Alexander Graham Bell Graduate Scholarship from the NSERC, a generous Azure for Research Award from Microsoft Research, and a hardware donation from NVIDIA. You can get my short CV here.

My work depends on many high-quality open-source software, including Linux, Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora, LLVM/clang, gcc, Glasgow Haskell Compiler, Rust, cmake, boost, Eigen, gnome, git, Python, Vim, Geany, Visual Code, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, ScyllaDB, PostgreSQL.

let world = "世界" in print $ "Hello " ++ world ++ "!"