Wagner: a simple model to study speciation patterns



This paper describes a very simple model to generate phylogeographies under allopatric/parapatric speciation. The C++11 code is on github: github.com/PhDP/wagner.

I have a love/hate relationship with this model. I love it as an algorithm: it's an elegant way to get a speciation-like behavior in space. I hate it because I increasingly doubt this kind of very simplistic 'bottom-up' model can bring much ecological insights.

I named this model Wagner in honor of Moritz Wagner, one of the first scientist to argue for the importance of geographic isolation in speciation.


P Desjardins-Proulx, JL Rosindell, T Poisot, and D Gravel. A simple model to study phylogeographies and speciation patterns in space. arXiv: 1203.1790, 2012. [BIB]

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